East Ocean City

East Ocean City has been an icon of Boston Chinatown since it's opening day in 1991.  We take pride in making our patrons feel at home here.  Everyday 600 lbs. of fresh live seafood is delivered to our Kitchen.  We host the largest fresh seafood tanks in Boston and we hope you enjoy knowing that you are getting the best when you come in and have a meal with your family and friends.

If seafood is not your thing, don't worry.  Our chef is also famous for the authentic land dishes that will sure to please you. 

For many years, East Ocean City has also been the top choice for large functions and weddings.  Our staff are trained to handle large parties and special events.  We will personalize your banquet and attend to your guests.  All you have to do is enjoy and have a good time.

Edward Leung

-CEO of East Ocean Enterprises, Limited-

Since 1984, Edward Leung dreamed of building a food empire. He worked previously as an accountant, waiter and chef. He devoted much time and energy in following his father’s footsteps to learn cooking skills, discover his potential, develop concepts, and, above all, listen to the needs of his customers. He started his first restaurant business over 22 years ago.

Today, Edward owns and operates East Ocean Enterprises, Limited and five specialized restaurants: the East Ocean City Seafood Restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown (since 1991), Fugakyu Japanese Cuisine in Brookline (since 1998), Fugakyu Japanese Café in Sudbury (since 2000), Kaze Shabu Shabu Restaurant in Chinatown (since 2005) and Imperial Seafood Dim Sum Restaurant in Chinatown (since 2005).

The restaurants are continually expanded and modified so that each maintains a unique style of its own. Fugakyu Japanese Cuisine in Brookline was enlarged in January, 2005; in November, 2005, Fugakyu Japanese Café in Sudbury was also expanded; and in November of 2005, Edward took over the management and renovation/expansion  of Imperial Seafood Dim Sum Restaurant.

Edward travels abroad regularly to explore, taste and research culinary excellence with the goal of bringing that experience to his restaurants’ clientele. He strives to utilize his unique attitude and approach towards food to satisfy the high culinary standards of the Greater Boston clientele; his customer oriented service reaches a growing clientele.

The outstanding team he leads is successful as a result of its creativity and focus on the highest standards in food services. Edward states, “The core contribution of the staff of East Ocean Enterprises is to utilize its wide ranging experience combined with imagination to create delicious food and to offer it to a clientele looking for sensations pleasing to both the palate and the eye.”

East Ocean Enterprises continuously responds to customers’ outstanding dining experiences, input and support. One way that Edward hopes to reward support from the clientele is to recruit the best people in the restaurant business, to cultivate new directions in food preparation, and to offer Bostonians the best tasting dishes around.

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