East Ocean City

East Ocean City is proud to be an affiliate partner restaurant and corporation with some of the Best of Boston. Whether your looking for something casual, or something elegantly extravagant, you can be sure that one of East Ocean City's partner restaurants will be perfect for all your needs.

All of our partners adhere to the same high standard that we do at East Ocean City.   All foods are prepared using only fresh, high-quality ingredients and cutting-edge cooking techniques. 

Kaze Shabu Shabu
                 Fugakyu Cafe

  Fugakyu Japanese Cuisine

East Ocean City Restaurant is also affiliated with East Ocean Enterprises LLC and Lucky Star Transportation Company.  If you are looking for green energy saving program or transportation services, we can satisfy all your needs!

Lucky Star Transportation Company

East Ocean Energy

Check back often to see our new partners and be ready for another outstanding dining experience.

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