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Sea Bass (Seasonal)

Market Price 

Black Bass (Seasonal)    Market Price
Sea Raven (Seasonal)Market Price
Cod Fish (Seasonal)Market Price
Barramundi (Fresh Water)Market Price

For the above Fishes, your choice of steamed w/Ginger & Scallion,
Black Bean Sauce or Pan Fried.

Stir Fried or Steamed Duchess Crab with Ginger & Scallion or Black Bean SauceMarket Price
Fried Soft Shell Crabs with Spicy Salted or Home Made Sauce23.95
Steamed Scallop in Shell with Ginger & Scallion  

Sm. $ 2.75/each     Med. $ 3.50/each     Lg. $ 4.50/each

Steamed Oyster from Canada with Ginger & Scallion or Black Bean Sauce3.50/each
Stir Fried, Poached or Sashimi Giant Clams with Home Made SauceMarket Price
Fried Twin Lobster (Sm. Med. Lg.) with Ginger & Scallion (Seasonal)Market Price
Jumbo Lobster (2 lbs & Up)Market Price
Baby Clams from Canada with Black Bean Sauce11.75





Fried Crisp Soft Shell Crabs with Home Made Sauce


Fried Crisp Soft Shell Crabs with Spicy Salt28.00
Fried Filet Fish with Spicy Salt20.50
Fried Filet Sole with Black Bean Sauce22.95
Fried Fish Filet with Orange Sauce20.50

Stir Fried Fish Filet with Szechuan Style

Fried Live Barramundi with Szechuan StyleSeasonal
Jumbo Shrimps & Broccoli with Home Made Sauce21.50
Stir Fried Jumbo Shrimps & Mixed Veg. with Black Bean Sauce21.50

Seafood Delight Bird Nest

Four Delight Bird Nest (Shrimps, Scallops, Beef, Chicken)22.25
YU-HENG Scallops21.50
YU-HUNG Eggplant with Beef


YU-HUNG Shredded Pork14.50
Lobster with Vermicelli in Hot PotSeasonal
Seafood with Home Made Curry Sauce in Hot Pot21.95
Beef & Eggplant with Black Bean Sauce in Hot Pot18.50
Beef & Yam Noodle with Satay Sauce in Hot Pot18.50
Chicken & Home Made Curry Sauce in Hot Pot16.50
Fried Crisp Bean Curd with Minced Shrimps14.25
Sirloin Steak Tip & Fresh Mushroom with Black Pepper Sauce19.75
Sirloin Steak Tip with Mixed Vegetable19.75
Sirloin Steak Tip with Home Made Sauce19.75
Fried Chicken & Broccoli with Home Made Sauce14.25
Friend Boneless Duck with Taro18.50
Pan Fried Stuffed Green Pepper (Shrimp) w/Black Bean Sauce14.25
Pan Fried Stuffed Eggplant (Shrimp) w/Black Bean Sauce14.25



YU-HUNG Eggplant


Szechuan Special Vegetarian Mock Chicken14.25
Black Mushroom & Straw Mushroom w/Muster Green16.75
Mixed Vegetable Delight12.95
Stir Fried Fresh Mushroom & Broccoli14.95

Fried Tofu with Spicy Salt

Buddha's Delight11.25
Stir Fried String Bean with Garlic Sauce12.50

Silver Thread Bun (Steamed or Fried)